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  • Mark Blezard

Don't worry about it!

By Mark Blezard

Sometimes I feel that photography is becoming too stressful. The exposure, focus, depth of field, lens distortion, lens flare, blah, blah, blah. We are sold cameras with more settings and dials than a plane flight deck – and we suckers think it will improve our images!

Sure, if you want to master everything, fine. It took me over three years, working as a photographer before I could react to most situations, quickly and correctly, and catch the shot. Now, returning to the game, more as a hobby, it's like I never knew how to use a camera. "AE? What's that mean again?"

After I gave up a career as a photographer my cameras never saw light again. The idea of taking them on holiday sickened me. Then came the smartphone, but this isn't real photography, is it? And so I get to the point. I've written before about 'photographic snobbery' and 'what makes a good pic,' and my point is a mix of the two. Photography is a combination of spotting an opportunity and liking what you see. If it breaks the rules, fine. If it is blurred, grainy, or taken on an old iPhone (as this was), great. If you spotted it, and you like it – it is a great photo!

What makes photos great, by Mark Blezard
Mark Blezard says, "Catch it, don't engineer it"

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